Air Force Lakenheath, UK
“I sincerely appreciate your dependable service.  Last year on several occasions your direct efforts have saved patients from undue suffering” 
“I’m unbelievably impressed by every person I’ve spoken to…If every company had the great attitudes and timeliness of service that I’ve seen from you, my job would be very easy.”
“We ask a lot of you and you always deliver!”

Air Force Bagram, Afghanistan
“Tryco Rules! Thanks…the desert jockeys appreciate [your] help as always.”

Army Landstuhl, Germany

“Thank you for all your assistance in the past year.  You make my job much easier here in Europe.”

“What a pleasure doing business with you. You made it painless and simple.”

Air Force Kadena, Japan
“Your service just continues to blow me away.”

Air Force Misawa, Japan
“I want to thank Team Tryco for your great support…when we are at a critical crunch you’re our choice of action.  Please pass on a warm THANK YOU from Team Misawa.”

Air Force Lackland, Texas
“You know ya’ll are my number 1 company.  You make things happen!”
“Thank you so much. You are the best.”
“You have always been so generous and helpful. The prices Tryco provides are really great and we value that.”
“You are always so great!”
"You are our hero!!! Thank you and may God bless!!"

USAID Contractor
“Thanks for making my job easier with all that you do. You are excellent to work with.”

Air Force Medical Logistics, San Antonio, Texas
“You guys go above and beyond the call of duty.” 
“I don’t think I will get tired of saying thank you, and I mean it every time.”  
“We really like doing business with Tryco.”
“I just love you.. You are the bomb.”
“You are awesome. I owe you big time.”

Army Heidelberg, Germany
“Quick and fast like always. You’re so wonderful. What would I do without Tryco?”

Material Management Pirmasens, Germany
“I bet you have no idea how much I really appreciate dealing with you, versus other companies.”
“Thank you.  You are the best.” 
“Thank you to the whole Tryco Team for your great help always.”
“You are always so nice and I really get perfect support from you and the team all the time.”

Air Force Aviano, Italy
“You ladies are like my lifeline when it comes to miracles.”
“You are without a doubt the best!!!”
“HOOYAA!! Thanks. You deserve a medal!”
“You are wonderful! Maybe we owe you cookies!!!!!”
“Just want you to know you’re doing a great job. Thank You!”

Public Health Brooks City Base, Texas
"There is no better partner in these public health matters than the group at Tryco."

Air Force Yokota, Japan
“Thanks for the quick reply. (But then that’s what I’m used to from Tryco: Excellent customer service and thorough responses).”
“We appreciate all of your hard work and enjoy working with you!”

Air Force Hill, Utah
“You are wonderful I really appreciate all that you do for me. Thanks!!!”
“Thank You! You have no idea how much you guys help us.”

Air Force Ramstein, Germany
“I wish all the reps were as thorough as you are.”

Air Force Nellis, Nevada
“We definitely appreciate the great customer service you continuously provide our account."

Air Force Osan, Korea
“I just want to thank you guys once again for all your HARD work and GREAT support. YOU’RE THE BEST!”

Army As Sayliyah, Qatar
“I have ALWAYS been happy with your service, and you know how much I try to educate others about your valuable services!!!”

Air Force Vilseck, Germany
“You are the bomb.”
“Love my Tryco. Org Team.”

Air Force Anderson, Guam
“Thank you and Tryco for employing such a great group of people. You have truly made a difference with MANY bases.”
“Thank you for all your hard work and dedication through this EOFY. You have helped me “CMOA” this year and I am truly grateful.”

Air Force Incirlik, Turkey
“You've been AWESOME and we really appreciate you effort."

Air Force Taegu, Korea
“You've been known to have the power to get items to overseas locations better than anyone."

Air Force Altus, Oklahoma
“I always appreciate the quick responses we receive from Tryco. You all make my life easy!"

Air Force Mountain Home, Idaho
“Thank you!!!! What would I do without Tryco?”

Army Eagle Base, Bosnia
“It has been a pleasure working with you. We want to send a certificate of appreciation from our unit for all the support you have given us while here in Bosnia.”

Air Force  Elmendorf, Alaska
“Thanks for all your help, you are truly amazing and its always a pleasure doing business with you. You make everything so easy on us.”
“I wish that everyone we worked with was like you.”

Tobyhanna  Army Depot, Pennsylvania
“You guys are doing a terrific job. Great doing business with you.”

Army, Kabul Afghanistan
“Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. You just made my day/week/MONTH!”

Air Force, Eglin, Florida
“Now that’s what I call first class service!”

Air Force Keesler, Mississippi
“Thanks for the fast quote! You all are AWESOME!”
"You've been an amazing help."
"As always, Tryco rocks!!!"

Published in the Air Force Medical Logistics Letter
“The number of work orders… dramatically decreased. This allowed logistics contracting more time to handle other requests. Other departments were able to function more effectively causing patient care to dramatically increase."

One More Satisfied Customer
“Working with you was a pleasure – thank you very much for your assistance. Tryco took good care of me.”

DLA Contracting Officer's Recommendation 
"Given what I know today about the contractor's ability to execute what they promised in their proposal, I definitely would award to them today given that I had a chance.
"Evaluation for ECAT Rated "Very Good" for all categories: Quality of Product and Service, Schedule, COst Control, Business Relations, Management of Key Personnel, and Utilization of Small Business.

major Awards

Women in Business Forum Recognition Award

Scroll Of Appreciation – 7th Medical Command – US Army, Europe

Lockheed Martin – 100% Exostar “Superior” Rating

6 Exceptional Supplier Achievement Awards – 20% Growth or Higher

DLA Troop Support – rated “Very Good” for 2 major contracts

Certificate Of Appreciation – Philippine Humanitarian Medical Mission

Certificate of Appreciation – Alexandria Virginia Lions Club


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